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gift card

Do you like the idea and want to gift this opportunity to someone?

You can buy our gift card starting from €30! 

This will be a great and original gift, giving someone the opportunity to see their eyes in a way they have never seen before!

Acu foto studija dāvanu karte

Our offer includes photo artworks on various materials. You can find the most suitable option for you and your interior. It is very important to evaluate whether the room where the painting will be placed has enough space so that the work of art can be seen from a distance. When our eye artwork is printed on large format, it is not meant to be displayed in tight spaces and viewed close up. The artwork needs space to step back and see it as a whole, the bigger the painting, the more distance is needed. The recommended distance can be easily calculated. You must stand three times the diagonal size of the artwork. As with all works of art, great care must be taken when installing these paintings. Light is a necessity so that the colors of the work are bright and stand out. If you place your painting in a dark place, the painting itself will also be dark and invisible. It is easiest to choose the material together with our consultants when you come to one of our eye photo studios!

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