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This carefully planned and tested process ensures high quality and customer satisfaction, making sure that every job we create meets the customer's expectations.

Please note that the visualization (mockup) of this work may differ on different screens, this refers to the color gamut, tone and brightness. Therefore, the printed work may differ from what you see on the screens. This is due to the different features and technical characteristics inherent between screens and prints. Please pay attention to the design/layout/effect.


  1. During the mock-up development process, the Customer can change and specify the parameters of the mock-up or the order.

  2. Due to the unique nature and personalization of the work we create, the designing process, as well as the production methods, once the design is approved and sent to print, the order is non-cancellable and non-refundable.

  3. In the event of damage or significant non-conformity of the manufactured product due to True Eye's fault, we will re-manufacture the order at no additional cost.​

This policy is applied to guarantee our customers understanding of our work and our commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction.

Please note that the visualization (mockup) may differ from the printed product. Thank you for your understanding and trust!

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