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Two different eyes together iris photography

Capture your eyes in a

stunning work of art

How does it happen?

Iris photography process diagram how we do it


Everything starts with your idea! What to create, how to place, with or without an effect? Come to our studios to see different examples of the materials and products available!
The next step is the photo. For an adult, it will take around 1 to 5 minutes to do the photo. We photograph children from the age of 5, but if you know that your child can sit patiently and look at one point for a while, then we can photograph younger children as well.
Our artists take over the further process. When the eye portrait design is ready, we send you a mockup to approve.
The final product is ready for delivery within 1 to 3 weeks from the moment of your approval.

Our studios are located in Riga, Domina Shopping Center and Sigulda!

Frequently asked questions

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