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  • Is registration required?
    In our salon, which is located in T/C Domina Shopping, no appointment is required, a reserved time gives the advantage of avoiding a possible queue. Our salon, located in Sigulda, works only by appointment.
  • How can I personalize my eye photo artwork?
    You have the option to add short texts to the artwork, such as a name and/or date, and you also have the option to choose one or multiple of the proposed effects.
  • What if I wear contact lenses?
    Even soft contact lenses can affect the quality of the photo of the eye, so we will ask you to remove the lenses.
  • Can I see the raw image first?
    Of course! At the start we will show your eye photo on the screen, free of charge.
  • From what age is it possible to take such a photo of the eye?
    The general minimum age is from 5 years. For a successful photo, we need a few seconds of concentration. You will definitely be the best person to assess whether this would be possible with your child. Our advice: if the child shows interest and wants such a photo for himself, then we can certainly try.
  • Can I buy gift cards from you?
    Of course! With us, gift cards are available in a freely chosen value and can be purchased locally in our salons or on our website.
  • Can we put four eyes on one painting?
    Of course! By adjusting the size of the painting, it is possible to assemble four or more eyes.
  • What is the price of eye photo artwork?
    The price is determined by three factors: - material - size - amount of cells
  • How soon will I receive the finished product?
    You will receive photos in the size 10x15 and 21x30 in the salon on the same day. Artwork created on the materials ordered will be produced within 14 working days. We make jewelry within 14 working days.
  • Can we take a photo of our pets or animal's eye?
    We love animals and agree that they have beautiful eyes too, but this offer is for humans only.
  • Why are there no green eyes in your gallery?
    Green eyes are mystical.. The basic structure of the iris is always blue, formed by the refraction of light. Above it is a pigment called melanin, dark and light brown or yellow in color. If there is a yellow tint over the blue tone, the eye looks green. In macro magnification, both primary colors are visible separately.
  • Where you are located?
    Locations of our salons: - T/C Domina Shopping, Ieriķu iela 3, Riga - 2a Mālpils Street, Sigulda
  • Do you participate in field trips?
    Yes, we are also available for away events.
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